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“见证友谊” 中外新闻社小记者2022暑期采访泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)女士

"Witness Friendship" 2022 Summer Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation interviewed with the Consul General of Thailand in Guangzhou Ms.Jiraporn Sudanich

时间:2022-7-31 12:02:38

核心提示:2022年7月19日上午, “见证友谊” 中外新闻社小记者如约采访泰国驻广州总领事Jiraporn Sudanich女士, 小记者们不但再次领略泰国的美丽, 也见证了泰国女外交官的颜值与智慧。...

  泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)同中外新闻社总裁韦燕主持小记者采访会议

    (中外新闻社 中外新闻网小记者)泰国位于中南半岛中部, 泰国是东南亚国家联盟成员国和创始国之一, 同时也是亚太经济合作组织、亚欧会议和世界贸易组织成员。2022年7月19日上午, “见证友谊” 中外新闻社小记者如约采访泰国驻广州总领事Jiraporn Sudanich女士, 小记者们不但再次领略泰国的美丽, 也见证了泰国女外交官的颜值与智慧。
    Thailand is located at the center of the Indochinese Peninsula. It is a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is also a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Asia-Europe Summit and the World Trade Organization. On the morning of July 19, 2022, "Witness Friendship" 2022 Summer Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation interviewed Ms. Jiraporn Sudanich, the Consul General of Thailand in Guangzhou. We not only learned about the beauty of Thailand, but also witnessed the beauty and wisdom of Thai female diplomat.


    随着小记者们在会议厅座下, 泰国驻广州总领事Jiraporn Sudanich女士向小记者们致欢迎辞。第一眼见到总领事女士, 内外兼修, 堪称是当之无愧的泰国女神。在总领事馆这座雕梁画栋的建筑物的衬托下, 总领事显得格外亲切, 小记者大有一见如故之感。
    When the junior journalists entered the conference hall, Ms. Jiraporn Sudanich gave us a welcome speech. When we first met her, she was a well-deserved Thai goddess. With the traditional Thai decorated building, she looked extraordinarily friendly, and the junior journalists felt like an old friend at first sight.

  泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)女士致欢迎辞

    小记者采访开始,有小记者问:“您好, 您是一位出色的女外交官, 您上任至今走遍了广东省各个城市, 可见您对广东省和泰国合作的重视, 为促进中泰友好交流做出的积极贡献。请问:您将如何为推进中泰两国青少年交流贡献自己的智慧和力量?谢谢!”
    A junior journalist started the first question: “Hello, Ms. Consul General, you are such an outstanding female diplomat. Since you become the Consul General, you have traveled to many cities in Guangdong, which shows that you attach great importance to the bilateral cooperation and make positive contributions to promote friendly exchanges between China and Thailand. I would like to ask: How will you contribute your wisdom and efforts to promote the youth exchanges between China and Thailand? Thank you!”


    “首先, 热烈欢迎 ‘见证友谊’--中国中外新闻社的小记者们前来泰王国驻广州总领事馆采访。我祝各位小记者身体健康、学业进步!你们向我提出了非常好的问题。泰国与中国的友好关系日益紧密。在教育方面, 每年都有很多的泰国留学生来到广州学习, 有的则是攻读包括中文、经济管理、医学及理工学科的本科、硕士以及博士学位。同时, 也有很多的中国留学生到泰国各大城市去学习, 现在已学成毕业, 投身到各个领域为泰中友谊做出贡献。”
    “First of all, a warm welcome to "Witness Friendship" Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation coming to the Royal Thai Consulate General in Guangzhou for this interview today. I wish all the junior journalists good health and great success in your study! You asked me very good question. The friendly relationship between Thailand and China has become closer and closer. In education, many Thai students come to Guangzhou to study every year, and they are studying for undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees in Chinese, economic management, medicine and science and technology. There are also many Chinese students studying in major cities in Thailand, and now they have graduated and devoted themselves to various fields to continuously promote the friendship between Thailand and China.”

  丁耀东小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)提问

    总领事表示, 未来泰国驻广州总领事馆希望继续推进更多的泰国高校与中国相关学科建立合作关系, 推动师生互访与交流项目。希望双方携手合作, 培育更多全方位发展的高素质人才, 为中泰关系发展做出积极贡献。
    She also mentioned that the Consulate General of Thailand in Guangzhou hopes to continue to promote and develop cooperative relations in related fields between more Thai universities and China in the future through promoting mutual visits and exchange programs for teachers and students. It is hoped that the two sides will work together to cultivate more high-quality talents with all-round development and make positive contributions to the China and Thailand’s relationship development.

    小记者问:“泰国被誉为“东方的夏威夷”, 是亚洲重要的旅游国家之一。美丽浪漫的岛屿海滩, 华丽的宫殿和寺庙, 浓厚的东方色彩, 温暖而淳朴的民俗风情, 令中国旅游者印象深刻。请你谈谈泰国的旅游。谢谢!”
    A junior journalist asked the second question: “Thailand is known as the “Hawaii in the East”, and it is one of the most important tourism countries in Asia. Thailand has romantic island and beaches, gorgeous palaces and temples, strong oriental culture and unique folk customs. Many Chinese tourists have deep impressions about Thailand. Could you please introduce a little bit about Thailand’s culture and tourism? Thank you!”

  王蓉小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)提问

    总领事:“我们很幸运能够既拥有风光秀美的自然风景, 也拥有独具特色的人文景观, 这些美景每年都吸引了大量的海外游客前来旅游, 让旅游成为了是泰国非常重要的创汇产业。大家都称泰国为“微笑的国度” 。在泰国, 大家可以找到适合各个年龄段, 各个消费层的旅游项目。如果是小朋友去泰国旅游, 除了去海岛浮潜、玩沙子, 还可以去曼谷的大皇宫、玉佛寺感受了解一下泰国的文化、去动物园看看不同国度不同气候下生活的动物, 还可以去与上海迪士尼、广州长隆乐园媲美的曼谷梦幻世界游乐园里面疯狂玩上一整天。”
    Consul General answered: “We are fortunate to have such beautiful natural sceneries and unique cultural heritages, which attract a large number of overseas tourists to Thailand every year, making tourism a very important industry for its economy. Everyone calls Thailand the "Land of Smiles". In Thailand, you can find tourism programs suitable for all age groups and all kinds of experience. If children travel to Thailand, they can dive in the ocean and play the golden sand on the beaches, they can also go to Bangkok to visit the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple to experience the unique culture of Thailand. Later on, they can go to the zoo to see animals from different countries and different climates, and they can also go to the Bangkok Dream World similar to Shanghai Disneyland and Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise to spend the whole day there.”


    有小记者问总领事对广东美食如何评价?总领事说:“我非常喜欢广州美食。”提到广州, 总领事最大的印象就是“食在广州”的金字招牌。这和泰国美食一样, 都受到各国的欢迎, 对美食的追求代表着我们向往美好生活, 享受美好生活的重要方式。
    A junior journalist asked the Consul General how she likes the Cantonese cuisine? The Consul General said: “I like Guangzhou food very much.” When it comes to Guangzhou, the Consul General's biggest impression is the golden slogan of "Eating in Guangzhou". Like Thai food, it is welcomed by all countries and people. The pursuit of delicious food represents a strong desire for our wonderful life, it is also an important way to enjoy a good life.

    采访环节完成后, 小记者们观看泰国文化宣传片, 小记者也将自己准备的礼物赠送Jiraporn Sudanich总领事, 祝福她和泰国外交官们在中国工作、生活愉快。
    After the interview, the junior journalists watched the Thai cultural promotional video. They also presented their gifts to Consul General Jiraporn Sudanich, wishing her and the Thai diplomats a happy life and work in China.

  夏夕雅小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)提问

  丁嘉朵小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)赠送小礼物

  江嘉颖小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)赠送自己创作的书画作品

  邱晨曦小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)赠送自己家乡的文化礼品

  李润辰小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)赠送小礼物

  丁耀东小记者向泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)赠送书画礼物

  小记者请泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)签名


  泰国驻广州总领事吉拉篷•素妲尼(Jiraporn Sudanich)同小记者们玩自拍



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